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Lombardini engine LDW 702

Lombardini diesel engine LDW 702

Lombardini LDW 702 diesel engine, 2 cylinders, liquid-cooled is used for applications such as:: 4x4 Tractors, Motor mowers, Cement mixer, Rotary hoes, Lawn mowers, Farm machinery,  Dumper and Minidumper, Mini excavator, Vibrating plate, Motor compressor,  Roller, Asphalt cutter, Generator, Refrigerating groups, Motor welder, Motor sweepers, Aerial platform, Fruit picking/harvesting, Compact shovel loader.

A version of this engine is mounted on Quargo vehicles.


Lombardini LDW 702 Engine Spare Parts

Owner Manual LDW 702 Workshop Manual LDW 702

  • 4 stroke diesel engine with cylinders in line
    Liquid cooled with axial fan
    Indirect injection with injector pump on head
    Single –shaft distribution in head
    Double PTO on crankshaft
    3rd PTO on the distribution
    Counterclockwise rotation (1st PTO)
    Forced lubrication with vane pump on the crankshaft
    Full flow external oil filter
    Water pump in the engine block
    Automatic extra fuel starting device
    Centrifugal governor
    Torque regulator
    Aluminum cylinder head
    Cast iron engine block with re-borable integral liners
    2 valves per cylinder
    Overhead camshaft on head driven by cogged belt
    Breather return oil steam
    Heating cab system predisposition

    Cylinder 2
    Bore (mm) 75
    Stroke (mm) 77.6
    Engine displ (cm3) 686
    Injection system IDI
    Compression ratio 22.8:1
  • Lombardini engine LDW 702 Performance curves
    Emission compliance ECE R 24 EPA TIER 4
    Rating (kW/HP)*Performance curves
    N (80/1269/CEE)ISO 1585 12.5/17.0 -
    NB ISO 3046 IFN 11.7/16.0 11.5/15.6
    NA ISO 3046 ICXN 10.7/14.5 10.5/14.3
    Max torque (Nm@rpm) 40.5 @2000 34.0 @2200
    Min idling speed 900 900
  • H × L × W (fan excluded) (mm) 519x424x412
    Dry weight (kg) 66
    Ambient operating temps (°C) -15° +50°
    Gradeability-all round
    (intermittent -30 min) (deg)
    Gradeability-all round
    (peak value -1 min) (deg)
    Cap. of air required for correct combustion @3600 (l/min) 1240
    Cap. of air required for correct cooling @3600 (l/min) 65(1:1.23)
    Lombardini engine LDW 702 Dimensions
  • Oil sump capacity (l) 1.6
    Oil consumption (kg/h) 0,009
    Oil consumption (% fuel) <0.2
    Oil change interval std/synthetic (hr) 250
    Oil filter change interval std/synthetic (hr) 250
    Valve adjustement (hr) 250
    Lubrication Oil SAE 5W 40
    Auxiliary PTOs (3rd optional)
    Max torque (Nm) - -37.0 @1800 rpm
    Drive ratio 0.5:1

    Cooling & lubrication
    Heat rejection to coolant (includes oil cooler) (kW) 12.5
    Cooling fluid: 50/50 water/antifreeze Y
    Oil type sae 5W40
  • Freq. rpm Engine model Mechanical power Stand-by electric power Prime electric power Flanges
    Stand-by KW-HP Prime KW-HP Kva kw kva kw cono ø
    50 Hz 3000
    60 Hz 3600

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