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Lombardini engine 12LD 477/2

Lombardini diesel engine 12 LD 477/2

Lombardini diesel engine 12LD 477/2, with its 2 cylinders and 22.8 horsepower, is heavily used in the agriculture and construction sectors, being exploited to: farm machinery, cement mixer, dumper, mini dumper, mini excavator,  motor compressor, roller, asphalt cutter, generatori, gruppo frigo, saldatrice, motoscopa, piattaforma aerea and other more.


Lombardini 12LD 477/2 Engine Spare Parts

Owner Manual 12LD 477/2 Workshop Manual 12LD 477/2

New product

  • 4 stroke air cooled diesel engine
    Direct injection
    Mechanical fuel lift pump
    Forced lubrication with oil pump
    Full flow oil filtration
    Torque regulator
    Centrifugal speed governor
    Crankcase in die-cast aluminum
    Electric starting
    Counter-clockwise rotation (from power take-off side)
    Aluminum alloy independent heads
    Indipendent cast iron cylinders
    Automatic extra fuel starting device
    Air cooled by fan
    Power take-off on crankshaft
    Bore (mm)90
    Stroke (mm)75
    Engine displ (cm3)954
    Injection systemDI
    Compression ratio19:1
  • Performance curves Lombardini engine 12LD 477/2
    Emission complianceECE R 24
    Rating (kW/HP)*Performance curves
    N (80/1269/CEE)ISO 158516.8/22.8
    NB ISO 3046 IFN15.7/21.4
    NA ISO 3046 ICXN14.5/19.7
    Max torque (Nm@rpm)55.0@2100
    Min idling speed1000
  • H × L × W (fan excluded) (mm)565x577x483
    Dry weight (kg)78
    Daily service points - positions1 side service
    Ambient operating temps (°C)-10° +45°
    Gradeability-all round
    (intermittent -30 min) (deg)
    Gradeability-all round
    (peak value -1 min) (deg)
    Cap. of air required for correct combustion @3600 (l/min)1500/1220
    Cap. of air required for correct cooling @3600 (l/min)15800/13200
    Dimensions Lombardini engine 12LD 477/2
  • Fuel tank capacity (l)7
    Oil sump capacity (l)2.5
    Oil consumption (kg/h)0.011
    Oil change interval std/synthetic (hr)200
    Oil filter change interval std/synthetic (hr)200
    Valve adjustement (hr)300
    LubricationOil SAE 15W 40 API CF4/SG
    ACEA B2/E2
  • Freq.rpmEngine modelMechanical powerStand-by electric powerPrime electric powerFlanges
    Stand-by KW-HPPrime KW-HPKvakwkvakwcono ø
    50 Hz150012LD 477/27.7 - 10.57.0 - 4-6,5
    50 Hz300012LD 477/214.0 - 19.012.7 - 17.314.911.913.410.738
    60 Hz180012LD 477/28.9 - 12.18.1 - 5-6.5
    60 Hz360012LD 477/215.7 - 21.414.3 - 19.416.7413.4151238