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Lombardini LDW 442 CRS engine

CT Move diesel engine Lombardini LDW 442 CRS

Urban congestion is one of the main factors influencing the design of the cars of tomorrow. Therefore, in order to defend its leadership in the city car sector, while following suit with the latest design trends of the car manufacturers, Lombardini has come up with an innovative engine concept with low displacemente able to satisfy these demands: diesel engine Lombardini LDW 442 CRS, direct injection "common rail".


Owner Manual LDW 442 CRS Workshop Manual LDW 442 CRS

  • Emission levels: choice has fallen upon technology able to satisfy anti-pollution regulations for urban vehicles for the next 10 years.

    Dimensions: light and compact: the ideal engine for city cars and urban vehicles.

    Space: designed for a streamlined bonnet so as to increase user space inside the vehicle.

    Comfort: the elimination of residual vibrations provides for increased comfort during use.

    Noise: highly reduced noise levels.

    Reliability: this engine has been designed to ensure more intervalled maintenance over time in keeping with the highest standards of today's cars.

  • This project has been designed with every possible urban application in mind and is therefore suitable for both the Power Pack transmission system and the Hybrid Power system

    Displacemente 440 cm3
    4 stroke diesel or petrol engine
    Two cylinders in line - water-cooled
    Tilted position of 40° towards the rear of the vehicle
    Built entirely of pressure die-cast aluminium alloy
    Overhead cam shaft driven by cogged belt
    Double counter rotating shaft acting as dynamic balancer
    "Uni flow" intake and exhaust
    Hydraulic tappets
    Rating 4.0 kW@3600 rpm 8.5 kW@4400 rpm
    Torque 20.0 Nm@1700 giri/min 21.5 Nm@2500 giri/min
    Weight 48.5 kg 48.5 kg

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