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Kohler engine KDI 3404 TCR-SCR

Diesel engine Kohler series KDI model 3404 TCR- SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

KDI 3404 TCR-SCR engine of 134hp, 4 cylinders engine, thanks to the common rail turbo injection with a SCR catalytic reduction system for exhaust gas NOx (conforming to Stage V), represents the top of the KDI Kohler engine line. Innovative and technologically advanced engine, makes it compact, very low fuel consumption, high reliability and outstanding performance, its peculiar features. The KDI 3404 TCR-SCR is designed to be widely used in both agricultural and industrial applications. Its ductility makes it particularly effective as tractor engine, cement mixer, excavator as well as a generator set and compressor engine.


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Owner Manual Kohler KDI 3404 TCR-SCR

  • 4 stroke diesel with cylinder in line
    Liquid cooling
    4 valves per cylinder
    Pushrod - rocker arms timing with hydraulic tappets
    Cast iron crankcase with bed-plate
    Closed crankcase ventilation system
    High pressure common rail (2000 bar)
    Electronic engine management
    Waste-gate turbocharger
    Charge-air cooling
    Cylinders 4
    Bore (mm) 96
    Stroke (mm) 116
    Displacement (cm3) 3359
    Injection System DI
    Injection Equipment Common rail (2000 bar)
  • Kohler engine KDI 3404 TCR-SCR Performance curves
    Emission compliance US TIER 4 Final / EU STAGE IV
    Aftertreatment DOC + SCR
    Max Power (IFN-ISO 3046
    and ISO 14396) (kW@rpm)
    Max Torque (IFN-ISO 3046
    and ISO 14396) (kW@rpm)
    Low-end torque (Nm@1000 rpm) 412
    Best point (g/kWh) 205
    Max power (g/kWh@2400) 230
  • H × L × W (fan excluded) (mm) 816x718x580
    Dry weight (kg) 394
    Daily service points - positions 1 side service
    Ambient operating temps (°C) -40° +50°
    Gradeability-all round (continous) (deg) 40°
    Gradeability-all round (intermittent-1min) (deg) 45°
    Kohler engine KDI 3404 TCR-SCR Dimensions
  • Oil/filter change interval std/synthetic (hr) 500-750
    Oil consumption (% fuel) <0.1
    Alternator belt replacement 36 months
    Coolant change 24 months
    Oil type 5W40 low SAPS API CJ
    -4 ACEA E9 E7 E6
    Heat rejection to coolant
    (includes oil cooler) (kW)
    Max engine excitation
    at mounting locations
    Auxiliary ptos 3°PTD optional 4°PTD optional
    Max torque (Nm) 200 250
    Drive ratio 1:1.13 1:1
    Provision for a double
    tandem hydraulic pump

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