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  • 355,90 €

    Sea water pump for Lombardini Marine engines model Focs The sea water pump is indispensable in the cooling process of your marine engine. This part for marine engine pumps sea water into the cooling circuit, complete with 10-blade impeller. The replacement is new and original Lombardini marine with 12 month warranty. Compatible with models: - Ldw...

    355,90 €
  • 312,00 €

    Sea water pump for Lombardini Marine CHD engines Lombardini Marine original part with the function of pumping sea water into the engine cooling circuit, cooling it indirectly. New and original product, with 12 month warranty. Compatible with: - Lombardini Marine Engine LDW 1904m - Lombardini Marine Engine LDW 2204m - Lombardini Marine Engine LDW 2204mt

    312,00 €
  • 373,10 €

    Lombardini Marine exhaust Focs models Produced in Italy handcrafted for Lombardini Marine, these Raisers have the function of discharging the exhaust gas and the engine cooling water. Raiser diameter: 45 mm. 12 month warranty. Compatible with models: - Lombardini marine Ldw 502m engine - Lombardini marine Ldw 702m engine - Lombardini marine Ldw 1003m...

    373,10 €
  • 434,20 €

    Exhaust raiser for Lombardini Marine engines CHD LDW models Lombardini Marine original parts entirely in steel , for LDW marine engines series CHD . The wet drain must be mounted near the heat exchanger. 12 months warranty. Output diameter 60mm.Compatible with: - Ldw 1603m - Ldw 1904m - Ldw 2004m - Ldw 2204m

    434,20 €
  • 664,92 €

    Raiser exhaust for Lombardini Marine engine LDW 2204 MT Drain terminal in anticorrosion steel , made in Italy for Lombardini Marine. 12 months warranty. Compatible with Lombardini marine LDW 2204MT engine .

    664,92 €
  • 91,75 €

    Coupon Kit for Lombardini Marine FOCS series engines The kit includes: - an oil filter, - a diesel filter, - a neoprene impeller, - a zinc anode. The kit is compatible with all FOCS models, namely LDW 502m, 702m, 1003m, 1404m. Easy to install , it is recommended to make a complete coupon every 125 hours or every year.   NOTE: the kit does not...

    91,75 €
  • 91,75 €

    Original Lombardini Marine marine engine spare parts CHD models Every 250 hours, or every year, we recommend replacing the engine oil, the oil and diesel filters, the impeller and the zinc anode, all included in this convenient kit , for always keep your marine engine at top. NB.: the kit does not include the alternator belt which can be of two...

    91,75 €
  • 159,84 €

    Kit for anti-vibration elastic supports for Lombardini LDW engines The kit consists of four (4) elastatic vibration dampers , complete with washers and nuts for the mounting. This version is appropriate for the following models: - Lombardini Marine Ldw 702m - Lombardini Marine Ldw 1003m - Lombardini Marine Ldw 1404m

    159,84 €
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