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Remanufactured engines for commercial vehicles, like new

Remanufactured Lombardini engines, for Piaggio Porter and Piaggio Quargo

Our Remanufactured Engines are dismantled completely: after a complete washing, all parameters of the wear parts are measured and, in case do not meet the limits set by the manufacturer, they are replaced with new and original parts.
To each engine are replaced with new and original spare parts: bushings Desk, bushings connecting rods, pistons series, complete gasket sets, complete distribution kit replacement with water pump for liquid-cooled engines.
Engine head control and revision is performed, replacement valve seats, smoothing and polishing of the cylinder head, hydrostatic testing, polishing crankshaft, rods wear control, pump control and injectors.

After a careful control, the parts are reassembled and tested on the bench. For this our Remanufactured Engines are like new and will have a long life.

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  • Remanufactured engine for Piaggio Quargo Lombardini LDW 702/P engine is a two-cylinder diesel engine for the Piaggio Quargo 4500 rpm commercial vehicle.This specific version, compared to the homologous LDW 702, provides a greater power, a higher torque and even a higher rotation speed.The two models, one specific for the Piaggio Quargo vehicle, while the...

  • Remanufactured engine for Piaggio Porter Lombardini LDW 1404/P engine is a four-cylinder diesel engine specific for Piaggio Porter 4500 rpm commercial vehicle. Specific version of FOCS Lombardini LDW 1404 standard type, specially calibrated for Piaggio Porter vehicle. It is similar to the standard version only in appearance, the 1404/P version is an...

  • Used diesel inboard engine Used Lombardini Marine Inboard Engine 40 hp LDW 1904M driving quietly without a license:Cylinders 4Bore x travel 88 x 82Cylinder capacity (cm3) 1995HP Max Power 40.8HP Max Power 37.5 HP   Go to Used engines catalogue

  • Used diesel engine Used Lombardini 11 LD 625/3 engine. Air-cooled 40 cv diesel.It is widely used in agricultural and industrial applications as a 4x4 tractor, dumper and similar vehicles.   Go to Used engines catalogue

  • Used diesel engine Used diesel engine Lombardini 15 LD 350. Single cylinder engine, a few minutes of motion, 7.5 hp at 3600 rpm.   Go to Used engines catalogue

  • Used diesel engine Used diesel engine Lombardini 9 LD 625/2. Sturdy and versatile 28.5 hp engine. It is suitable as a work engine, for agricultural and industrial applications.   Go to Used engines catalogue

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