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Lombardini engine 9LD 625/2

Lombardini diesel engine 9 LD 625/2

Lombardini engine 9LD 625/2, 25.5 cv air-cooled 2 cylinders. These motors represent the best market proposal for their own segment, delivering durable performance, compactness and low maintenance costs. Much used in applications such as 4x4 tractors, pumps and compressors, generating sets, farm machinery, mini dumpers.


Lombardini 9LD 625/2 Engine Spare Parts

Owner Manual 9LD 625/2 Workshop Manual 9LD 625/2

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  • 4 stroke air cooled diesel engine
    Direct injection
    Mechanical fuel lift pump
    Forced lubrication with oil pump
    Full flow oil filtration
    Torque regulator
    Centrifugal speed governor
    Crankcase in die-cast aluminum
    Electric starting
    Counter-clockwise rotation (from power take-off side)
    Aluminum alloy independent heads
    Indipendent cast iron cylinders
    Automatic extra fuel starting device
    Air cooled by fan
    Power take-off on Flywheel
    Bore (mm)95
    Stroke (mm)88
    Engine displ (cm3)1248
    Injection systemDI
    Compression ratio17.5:1
  • Performance curves Lombardini engine 9LD 625/2
    Emission complianceECE R 24EPA TIER 4
    Rating (kW/HP)*Performance curves
    N (80/1269/CEE)ISO 1585---
    NB ISO 3046 IFN18.8/25.516.5/22.4
    NA ISO 3046 ICXN16.9/23.015.0/20.4
    Max torque (Nm@rpm)67.0@200052.5@3000
    Min idling speed1000 ÷1100
  • H × L × W (fan excluded) (mm)599x633x557
    Dry weight (kg)115
    Daily service points - positions1 side service
    Ambient operating temps (°C)-10° +45°
    Gradeability-all round
    (intermittent -30 min) (deg)
    Gradeability-all round
    (peak value -1 min) (deg)
    Cap. of air required for correct combustion @3600 (l/min)1600(@3000)
    Cap. of air required for correct cooling @3600 (l/min)26300 (@3000)
    Dimensions Lombardini engine 9LD 625/2
  • Fuel tank capacity (l)10
    Oil sump capacity (l)2.8
    Oil consumption (kg/h)0.013
    Oil change interval std/synthetic (hr)250
    Oil filter change interval std/synthetic (hr)250
    Dry air cleaner change interval (hr)250
    Valve adjustement (hr)250
    LubricationOil SAE 10W 40 API CF4/SG
    ACEA B2/E2
  • Freq.rpmEngine modelMechanical powerStand-by electric powerPrime electric powerFlanges
    Stand-by KW-HPPrime KW-HPKvakwkvakwcono ø
    50 Hz15009LD 652/210. - 14.69.85 - 13.311. 4 -7,5
    50 Hz30009LD 652/218.8 - 25.517.1 - 23.220.316.318.815STD LOMBARDINI
    60 Hz18009LD 652/213.0 - 18.512.3 - 16.714.411.512.810.3SAE 4 -7,5