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Lombardini generator LMG 9000

Lombardini Marine diesel Generator equipped with LDW series marine engine: LMG 9000

LMG 9000 diesel generator works with the Lombardini LDW 702 MG marine engine, 2-cylinder diesel engine with 10 kVA of developed power, of the Lombardini FOCS family.
Featuring by an innovative FULL WATER cooling system, the LMG 9000 is a silent generator set, with outstanding reliability and performances. Thanks to the fiberglass bonnet, noise and vibration are minimized. Standard is a system with remote control panel and a safety system with automatic stop. Maintenance, simple and minimized to the minimum necessary.
This silenced power generator is the ideal solution for different types of boats thanks to the ability to work even in bad weather conditions.


Owner Manual LMG 9000

  • ENGINE: The models LMG 9000/14000/18000 are equipped with the FOCS (fully overhead controlling system) series engines, known for their compactness, low noise, low pollution emissions and absence of vibrations.

    ALTERNATOR: The alternator is a synchronous type without brushes with the windings on the stator. Thanks to the AVR system, the delivered voltage is constant between zero and the rated output.

    COOLING: The FULL WATER cooling system includes both the engine and the alternator; the sea water cools, through a special circuit, the fresh water in the engine, the oil and the external walls of the alternator’s stator.

    REMOTE CONTROL BOX: The generator set is supplied with a remote control box and 15 m of plug-in cable. An automatic shutdown operates in case of oil pressure and water temperature failure, warning lights indicate high water temperature, low oil pressure. A display indicates output voltage, output current, engine battery low voltage and runtime hours. On request an additional control box is also available.

    MAINTENANCE: To facilitate maintenance, the generator has been designed to allow the main controls on engine parts, the periodic replacement of consumable components and the filling of liquids only from a side.

    SILENT ENERGY: The cowling is made of fiberglass, with neoprene coating and honeycomb in order to substantially reduce the noise.

    EASY INSTALLATION: The unit is supplied with externally mounted anti-vibration mounts, it is already fitted with a hole on the bonnet for the passage of the drain hose and connections for the electrical wiring and the water pump hoses.

    AUTOMATIC SAFETY STOP: In order to avoid serious and irreparable damage to the engine, a special device will intervene to stop the engine in case of overload, high temperature of cooling water or low oil pressure.

    HEELING: In special weather conditions or when the boat is to sail, it is necessary for the generator to continue to operate on a regular basis to ensure the energy required for the electronic tools and board accessories. The unit can work with lateral or longitudinal inclinations of 25° and intermittently up to 30°.

  • Engine manufacturer Lombardini
    Engine Model LDW 702 MG
    Cylinders 2
    Displacement (cc) 686
    Engine power (kW) 11.0
    Round/Minute (RPM) 3000 RPM
    Cooling System Intercooler air-water
    Electric Starter 12 Volt remote-controlled
    Alternator Synchronous brushless
    water-cooled alternator
    Alternator manufacturer -
    Power 10 kVA - 8 kW
    Voltage Trifase AC 400/230 Volt
    Monofase AC 230/120 Volt
    Weight (Kg) 178
    Frequency (Hz) 50
  • Lombardini Generator LMG 9000 Dimensions

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